Your partner for toolmaking in the automotive industry

We are a team of designers with over 25 years of professional experience in the design and production of press tools in the automotive industry.
From methodological planning and design through to tool simulation, we offer the full range of services to ensure the success of your projects.
We have positioned ourselves as a flexible company on the market and our customers benefit from the very compact structure of the business. Our efficient approach ensures on-schedule service provision on favorable terms.


ReLi Constructions GmbH
Müllergasse 7a
51105 Köln

Tel.: +49 (0221) 922 687 80

From 2D drawing to 3D model and vice versa

Workshop-specific drawings or three-dimensional volume for the production of models.
Regardless of the direction you wish to follow, we generate your data with CATIA V5 and provide interfaces to all common systems.

3D print – an innovation on the rise

We are happy to work with new technologies and 3D printing is one of the most trail-blazing technologies in our industry today. In line with your specification, we provide the data for the 3D model and supply your printing proofs.b.