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Reli Constructions GmbH was founded in 2004 and has worked for numerous manufacturers and tool makers in the automotive industry to date.

We were exclusively active for Ford over a nine-year period of cooperation, during which we worked on site at the Cologne tool making plant of FORD Werke GmbH. Through this intensive project support, we have gained a wealth of experience in relation to production technologies in practice. With the introduction of the die assembly process, we have provided support in many sub-areas and developed methods for optimised tool design.

In addition to design, we have also established ourselves in the field of software programming.

The tools and macros initially developed for a small user group were intended to aid the simplification of recurring work. Over time, this has become a complex package with a dedicated user interface.
CATIA V5 starting models and standards are moderately managed here, and systems are subject to controlled use.
Powertools has been in use around the world since 2009 and is available to all Ford suppliers.

The provision of support the design department was part of our remit, in equal measure to the training of suppliers and active cooperation within the working group for equipment design with CATIA V5 of the German automotive industry.

In order to enable us to widen our customer base, we have expanded and we have been based in new premises in Cologne-Poll since 01/01/2014. From here, we perform our work on time and with our customary high quality, and we are also ready to tackle new tasks.

All of the foundations and skills required for this are available within our company.
As such, we have been working with CATIA V5 since 2001 and we possess comprehensive experience with this CAD system.


July 2004
We decide to establish our own design office, which should prove to be a strong partner in the field of tool design due to our experience, performance strength and cost structure.

At this point in time, we have already been working as self-employed design engineers for a range of design offices for five years. With 9 years of professional experience in tool design gained in permanent employment preceding this, we count amongst the experienced specialists in this sector. Our principal design tool is CATIA V5, although we are also very comfortable working with I-deas and AutoCAD 2D. We have succeeded in gaining extensive experience working with the customers FORD, Karmann, VW and Audi, and we are highly familiar with their standards and practices.


FORD Werke GmbH in Cologne becomes aware of us due to our development of good concepts and consistent processes in tool design with CATIA V5. We are commissioned with the development of “intelligent” standard components for further use in tool design. With this, the cornerstone for close cooperation has been laid.
Over the course of time, we expand and support Ford through our knowledge of tool design in the establishment of Ford’s own design department in Cologne.


We strengthen our performance potential through the further recruitment of design engineers.


Ford commissions us with the development of parametric basic models for tool simulation with CATIA V5 Kinematics.

Furthermore, we also support Ford with the training of external design offices for the application of working methods and basic models with CATIA V5.

We establish our own IT department with the recruitment of a programmer.


Ford commissions us with the development of TRI-AXIS starting models in CATIA V5 for transfer simulation and throughput investigation.

We begin programming Powertools for FORD – a software for supporting tool design with CATIA V5.

Development of a web application for Ford, for the global distribution of internal standards and information across the sphere of tool design.


Construction of the CATIA V5 press kinematics for the Ford Crossbar Press in Saarlouis and the Ford Jumbo Press in Genk.

Continuous further development of Powertools and CATIA V5 starting models for tool design.

Active tool design of countless components for the Ford pressing plants around the world.


Relocation to our new premises in Cologne Poll.
As of now, we offer our services on an international basis and expand our customer base.


We are now certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and we therefore offer our customers additional assurance with respect to correct order fulfilment.
In conjunction with the chamber of commerce and industry in Cologne, we embark on vocational training and we begin with the training of a technical product designer in the field of machine and system design.


Through the recruitment of additional employees, we strengthen our team and expand our capacities in tool design.


Our first trainee passes the final examination after an abridged training period and accepts a permanent position.


We have successfully completed the re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.